After 12 years in San Francisco

    Things I'm REALLY GOOD at:

    Change Management | Business Process Optimization

    User Adoption | Training
    Customer Success | Technology Enablement
    Requirements Gathering | Excel Wizardry
    Emotional IQ | Relationship Building


  • Professional Me

    Growing up in an analog world, and learning computers young has given me great perspective for bridging gaps between engineers and customers from all backgrounds and origins. Finding common ground, straightforward communication, along with a high emotional intelligence and common-sense are native traits I use for building meaningful relationships quickly.

  • Off the Clock

    I have made a lot from a little, traveled a ton, and photographed the most vivid colors of the world.


    I am wired as a creative with an obsession for creating order and finding simplicity. I like to spend time outdoors with my dog. I love to push physical limits, whether hiking a peak, or racing a triathlon, I have strangely abundant energy. I eat super healthy, yoga, swim & bike a lot I am an old fashioned engineer, a DIY'er, I like to tinker, to fix things, and carpentry.

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  • Education 

    University of California San Diego

    Bachelor of Arts - 2006

    Digital Media & Communications

  • Resume

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